MindsPay.com Pay To Read Email [Video]

Get Paid To Read Email

I started out only reading they're emails, got $5 for signing up for FREE, and been with this group for about 3 years now. I can cash out if I'd like to, but this online money to me it’s all investment to other online programs I am a part of. MindsPay.com is a pretty nice group; they pay up to .15 cents per email, and nice payout for offers as well. These guys remind me of InboxDollars.com for those of you who been doing this long should be aware of them as well.  MindsPay.com the only group I know that pay decent incentives to read their emails. I mainly use this site for surveys!  I can say that much! I have learned the ropes of the offers now and it helped me expand alot in these online sites. Reading email for cash seems cool until you understand the point of this all.

 Let's just read email and rake in cake! Taking surveys on Mindspay.com has became the secret to my success on that site. I just got use to making time out of my day to go on the site to see what's there new for me. You into trying out new offers and services from leading companies and get paid? No problem with that I can hip you to how all of that works out. Nobody really out to tell you the business about this site but I am. Nothing like trying a new technology or service out and get paid from it. I was amazed and paranoid watching my bank statements hoping I never got charged. Honestly, I ended up making a bank deposit because I was really paid for trying some of the nicest services for free. I accepted "GameFly" as a trial I was never charged... I just made sure I ended the trial service I knew I wasn't intending to keep. I set calendars in my phone to remind me to go end some stuff before I got charged for it. I enjoyed those rented games from GameFly for free! I must say that!

Like all paid survey sites, working with MindsPay.com isn’t likely to make you quit your job. This is a place you can get free money from and I can teach you how. Just search MindsPay from the top of this blog I'm sure you will find loads of tips there. I blog here a lot! Minds Pay, like all legitimate market research websites, requires no fee to become a member, just an email address and your completion of a general demographic questionnaire.